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If your storage device has physical damage we can get the data fast.
We can help you with any questions you may have about your damaged storage device and, corrupted and erased files
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Or call toll free: 877 204-0039
We have been the low price leader in data recovery for over 20 years
If your storage device has physical damage we can get the data fast. Clicking and dead drives are a common problem. Our lab is one of the finest data recovery labs in the United States, boasting a 300 sq ft clean room and the ability to scan over 20 hard drives simultaneously. For you this means reliability and performance. We recover your data quickly and effectively.
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Do you have questions about data recovery? What can be happening with your storage device and what will it take to recover it. Plus what are the costs, how long it takes, and how this whole process happens, just click here to talk to a live with a certified data recovery technician at no cost. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the data recovery process.
Not all data recovery situations require you to send your storage device to a company to recover the data. Many can be done remotely over the internet using our special high tech software. This can be an inexpensive alternative which is just as effective as sending your hard drive somewhere for the same results.
No recovery no fee
This level is for hard drive in extremely critical condition. This may require completely disassembling the hard drive, re-surfacing and other highly technical procedures if needed. These situations are more rare.
You need your data fast and our technicians work quickly to fulfill that promise. Every second counts and every recovery is a priority. We work hard in order to provide you with immediate solutions for your critical data loss situation. On the same day your damaged hard drive arrives, we test it with the finest most modern technology available and notify you with an evaluation of the necessary procedures required to complete a successful data recovery. We make things happen fast.
You need to be sure that your data is secure and safe from prying eyes. Our seasoned technicians have recovered millions of gigs without one single megabyte being compromised. Our file integrity detection software allows our technicians to make certain that your data is corruption free, without having to actually view your private data. Our impenetrable server has the latest in protection and is monitored 24 hours a day. Your privacy is most important to us.
Just when you thought it could not get any easier, now you can just download your data fast from our secured bulletproof server. No need to wait for your data to be delivered to your home or office inside of another storage device. Have your data moments after it's recovered. You can also have the best of both worlds by using the data from our server while you wait for your new storage device containing all your data to arrive to your location. There is no extra charge for this service.
We can copy your recovered data onto another hard drive or flash drive if needed. Sometimes the amount of data recovered is very large and some may prefer to have us copy the recovered data into another storage device. If necessary we can provide a storage device for you or you can send us a storage device. You can also use the data from our secured server while you wait for your storage device to arrive to your location with all your data inside.
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Getting your hard drive to our location for data recovery is easy. If you are in the local area you can drop off your storage device or we can pick it up. We can also provide you a free Fedex shipping label to our location for a no obligation data recovery evaluation.
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