Clicking Hard Drive
Your hard drive starts clicking repetitively and either stops after several times, or other times it just clicks forever. This can happen all of a sudden or when the drive impacts something like the floor or a table. This sound can be something as simple as a chip on the circuit board or as serious as a read write head assembly or damage on the platter of the hard drive itself . It's important that the drive immediately be turned off until a data recovery company can inspect it to make sure that faulty heads are not making contact with the platters creating an even worse situation. As you remove and handle the hard drive treat it as though it’s made of glass. Do the same if you have to ship it to a data recovery company. It’s a fragile instrument, but if you treat it as though it’s glass, you are insuring no more damage will occur to the drive 
Why is the hard drive clicking? 
Similar in appearance to a record player but a different technology altogether a hard drive is intricate and precise. A lot of it’s precision is technology that is over a hundred years old. The read write heads move back and forth searching for bits of data using a voice coil. Similar to the voice coil of a speaker. 
The read write head moves left and right instead of out and in like a speaker. On loading the hard drive when the computer is started, a small process takes place in the hard drive. The hard drive mapping configuration located on the platters themselves. This gets the hard drive ready to do it’s magic. 
Before all of this the hard drives BIOS searches for that data on the platters. If the BIOS does not find the data, it resets the hard drive heads and attempts to locate it again. This happens pretty fast. 
This is why you hear it clicking, Because the read write heads are bumping up against a small pin which is designed to stop the heads from going too far back.  
To do these types of recoveries, special technology is needed, which is not found in computer repair companies. All computer repair companies ship their data recovery situations to companies that specialize in data recovery only. There are just over a handful of companies specializing in data recovery. If you are fortunate enough to live close to one you can drop it off, but chances are you will have to ship it to a data recovery company if you want to insure your best chances of recovering your data. 
We can provide you a free FedEx label so that you can send it directly without any middleman.