Dropped Damage
OK so your hard drive impacted with something like the floor or a table. If now it is clicking that means that there is damage somewhere, most likely on the read write heads. Often times it depends on the position that the hard drive landed which determines the amount of damage that was produced by the impact. The read write heads have a flexible bridge that holds the read write head into position. As it rides at 4 microns above the platters, when the drive drops, the G force causes the head to bend back and slap back up against the platters. This damages the contact point that was made by the head hitting the platter, and also damages the heads. These cases require the replacement of the read write heads and resurfacing of the platters. In replacing the heads, the objective is not to fix the hard drive permanently but only to get the device from totally dead to barely working. To do these types of recoveries, special technology is needed, which is not found in computer repair companies. All computer repair companies ship their data recovery situations to companies that specialize in data recovery only. There are just over a handful of companies specializing in data recovery. If you are fortunate enough to live close to one you can drop it off, but chances are you will have to ship it to a data recovery company if you want to insure your best chances of recovering your data.  
We can provide you a free FedEx label so that you can send it directly without any middleman.