Dead Hard Drive
So your hard drive is not making any sounds at all. When you put your ear to it you cannot hear anything. Is as though it is off. Maybe its a bad chip on the circuit board or something more serious which would involve replacing the read write heads. The read write heads and the circuit board, which is also called the logic board connect to each other using a small access port located on the underside of the drive. This means that what can happen to one can also happen to the other. Sometimes the burning of a chip can also damage the read right heads because of their connection. 
To repair this problem you will need a rework station with capabilities of microscope assisted soldering. You will also need a clean room to swap heads in case the read write heads were effected.  
Here at Nationwide data recovery this situation is just another day at the office. In the last 20 years we have dealt with this situations thousands of times and we have the tools and experience to get your data back.